Fritz Raddatz


Dear friends and supporters of youth football,

We are glad to welcome such an exquisite group of participants to our international junior football tournament, the Raddatz…

We, deliberately, have invited football clubs which have set new trends through commitment and sporting successes in youth football.

We are proud to organize three of the best-cast junior football tournaments in Germany and we are sure to expect absolutely high-class sports, which is sure to fire numerous spectators with enthusiasm.

We wish you fair games and sporting manners as we all enjoy the same impetus, which is the love for our children and for youth football.

Even when each game is fiercely contested and finally only one team can make it to the top we wish you all a harmonious and successful event and in this way give all your kids the opportunity and feeling to be the winners of the weekend.

Surely, as usual, there will definitely be discussible decisions by referees, hair-raising mistakes by active participants, unfairness, flops, bad luck and mishaps, but that’s football.

It is up to us adults to organize an unforgettable and utmost positive experience for all our kids.

We should all make a great effort to support our children!

Have fun and enjoy yourselves!!!

The organizing team around FRITZ RADDATZ